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Title: Earth from Space: Indus River
Description: Indus River snaking through Pakistan and a seasonal salt marsh on the border with western India.
Title: The Indus Blind Dolphin
Description: Documentary about the Blind Indus Dolphin developed by UNDP-GEF SGP Pakistan. The documentary is based on the book "Green Pioneers" of UNDP-GEF SGP Pakistan.
Title: Rivers of West Bengal, Orissa and Indus system
Description: This is the eleventh lecture in the series "Living rivers, dying rivers", delivered on the subject "Rivers of West Bengal, Orissa and Indus system" by Dr. Kalyan Rudra, Mr. Ranjan K Panda and Prof. Shakil Romshoo respectively.
Title: Water, Dams, and the Indus River
Description: The video explains a little about the Indus Google Earth Layer, with basic instructions on how to find more information.