Groundwater baseline survey Hakra - Pakistan - IBKP

Groundwater baseline survey Hakra - Pakistan

Baseline groundwater survey was conducted in Hakra the total number of outlets at Head (3-R), Middle (6-R) and Tail reach (9-R) are 129, 129 and 106. total sample size was 750 farmer with proportion of 60% non tubewell owner and 40% tubewell onwner, 9 farmers from each outlet of 3- R and 6-R and 12 farmers from 9- R distributary were selected randomly From 3-R and 6-R 27, 27 outlets were selected while from 9-R distributary, 21 outlets were selected.

Meteorological data, Temperature, Indus, Met Station

Creation Date 2013-05-02
Extent (Temporal extent begin) 2010-12-20
Extent (Temporal extent end) 2011-01-10
Language English
Domain Specific Basic Categories (Water, Research Project)
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Contact Hussain, Asghar (IWMI-Pakistan)
Region Region (Asia)
Country Country (Pakistan)
Basic Categories (Water, Research Project)
Originator(s) (1) IWMI , The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is a non-profit, scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in developing countries. , iwmi-pak,