Join us in becoming a Knowledge Partner (KP) of the IBKP. As a KP you will share a commitment to making data and knowledge products available in the public domain. This will help to inform debate and decisions making, to support dialogue and to strengthen research and analysis. You will enter into a legally non-binding agreement to contribute data and knowledge products where available in appropriate forms and per each KP's internal data policies and third party intellectual property rights. You will also help to support the knowledge 'ecosystem' of the IBKP and promote it amongst your networks and other partnerships, providing a 'championing' role within the basin and more widely. The respective logo of each KP will be added to the Platform. You will also be provided space on this page to highlight your organisation's work specifically related to the Indus Basin. To become a Knowledge Partner, please complete and submit this form.

Once submitted, we will confirm receipt via email, request a logo and any other details required.

IWMI, maintains this database, and has committed to doing so for 10 years. We reserve the right to reject any request to become a KP if we believe acceptance risks the neutrality of the platform.

Further data can be submitted through the Contribute page of this Platform