Regional Media Dialogue on Indus Basin, February 2016, Kathmandu

A regional-level media dialogue was held on the 20th of February 2016 in Kathmandu where around 15 senior editors and journalists from all four Indus basin countries participated along with experts from ICIMOD, SAWI, DFID, FAO and Ministry of Energy and Water, Afghanistan. The day-long dialogue included lively discussions regarding pressing issues, the latest research, and constraints faced by the media in reporting about the various challenges in the basin.The sessions included presentations giving an overview of the challenges in the Upper and Lower Indus basin.A few interactive sessions, facilitated by the, followed where journalists were encouraged to share their experiences in reporting on similar issues and the challenges they faced. The group identified possible ways of improving media coverage in each country; this directly fed into the next steps planned by ICIB for engaging the media. For more details, visit

Regional Media Dialogue