India Media Dialogue, September 2016, Delhi & Bhakra Nangal

The India chapter of the Indus media dialogue series was held in September 2016 at Delhi and Bhakra Nangal. The media dialogue was organized along with the special session at the International river symposium where journalists were invited to attend a session on knowledge sharing in the Indus basin and then join the media dialogue beginning next day. This helped provide journalists access to experts from all four countries to understand the challenges from a broader basin perspective that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. It also helped bring attention to the need for experts to simplify the science since there is a lack of knowledge or capacity amongst journalists to understand and report on technical scientific issues. Various Indian experts like Prof Romshoo from University of Kashmir, Manshi Asher from Himdhara, Dr Janakarajan from Saciwaters, Dr Medha Bisht from SAU, Dr Rajan Aggarwal from Punjab Agriculture University discussed their experiences with journalists at the India Media Dialogue. The field trip to Bhakra Nangal Dam and subsequent session with Central Ground Water Board helped in bringing an all-around perspective of issues ranging from dams, hydropower, groundwater, irrigation and climate change impacts. Taking a cue from the Pakistan media colleagues, the India group has also formed a WhatsApp group with both journalists and experts which regularly exchanges information and articles on Indus related activities.

India Media Dialogue