Regional Media Dialogue, Colombo

The second regional-level media dialogue was held from 6th-7th July 2017, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The dialogue sought to inform media about key science issues in the Basin, help in understanding issues faced by the media in reporting the Indus Basin and river system and identify ways to address gaps and provide a platform to facilitate future interaction between experts and journalists and support ways of encouraging more regular engagement. Nearly 38 media representatives and experts participated in the regional media dialogue, including the recipients of the ICIB fellowship initiated by IWMI. The event also hosted two journalists from the Nile Basin, to facilitate opportunities for cross-learning. Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kabul University, University of Kashmir and IWMI addressed the media. The first day consisted of a field visit to the Kalpitiya Peninsula in Western Sri Lanka, to study farmer-driven innovations in irrigation system.

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